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Our history dates all the way back to 1909. And because so many interesting things have happened, such as the long journey made by the passenger ships from Bonn via Höllenstraße to Lake Titisee or the difficulties during the depression, famous guests, funny anecdotes and impressive building conversions, and also because there are so many fascinating old pictures and documents that bear witness to over 100 years of history, a 180-page chronicle was produced to celebrate the 100-year anniversary.


Entertainingly written and packed with photographs, letters and drawings, it will be enjoyed by anyone who is a sailor at heart or who feels a connection to Lake Titisee.


The chronicle can be ordered from us in hardback.


Brief outline of the history:

_ 1909 Lorenz Winterhalder opened the boat hire business
   on Lake Titisee with 12 rowing boats
_ 1911 Motorboat "Eugen", with space for 40 people, was
   put into operation
_ 1930 Motorboat "Irma", with space for 70 people, was put
   into operation
_ 1940 Karl Winterhalder joined the boat business
_ 1968 Gerhard Schweizer (son-in-law of Karl Winterhalder)
   obtained his skipper's licence
_ 1968 MS Carola was put into operation
_ 1972 MS Ingrid was put into operation
_ 1991 Armin Schweizer (son of Gerhard Schweizer) joins
   the boat business
_ 1992 Lifeboat "Lorenz" was put into operation

_ 1997 Armin Schweizer obtained his skipper's licence

_ 2009 The Bootsbetrieb celebrated its 100-year

_ 2010 Hartmut Schweizer took over the management from
   his father, Gerhard Schweizer
_ 2012 Bathing boats with a slide were added to the fleet

100 years of Bootsbetrieb
Article in the Badische Zeitung on 17 June 2009
Extract from the chronicle
"Unser Titisee - Unsere Heimat"
(Our Lake - Our Homeland)

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The boats, the lake and the guests.
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